March in Card Casino is BINGO! Jackpots and Tombola also bring winnings

March in Card Casino is BINGO! Jackpots and Tombola also bring winnings

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Spring is just around the corner and with it a number of great events prepared by Card Casino Bratislava for its guests. You can look forward to generous rewards that will delight visitors several times a day.

The big and especially generous news in March is BINGO. For entering the casino on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, the guest will receive 1 BINGO ticket at the reception (one per day).

It consists of the first original page and a second copy. The guest writes down the numbers and separates the original from the copy. The original is handed in at the reception, the copy remains with the guest. And then you just have to be in the casino at the time of the draw and have the right numbers. The following prizes are available for guests in the BINGO game:

OrderSum           in            €Form
1.                            1000                      Lucky chips/Ticket
2.                            500                         Lucky Chips/Ticket
3.                            400                         Lucky chips
4.                            300                         Lucky chips
5.                            200                         Lucky chips
6.                            100                         Lucky chips


OrderAmount   in            €Form
1.                            800                         Lucky chips/Ticket
2.                            350                         Lucky Chips/Ticket
3.                            200                         Lucky chips
4.                            150                         Lucky chips

In addition to the novelty of a similar BINGA, traditional rewards in the form of Tombola and Jackpots will also remain available for players.

The raffle will be drawn from Monday to Thursday in March (the whole event runs from 1 March to 19 March), with prizes as follows:
OrderAmount   in            €Form
1.                            200                         Lucky chips
2.                            100                         Ticket
3.                            100                         Lucky chips
4.                            50                           Ticket
5.                            50                           Lucky chips

And, as is already a good habit, during the third month of the year, the slot jackpots will be active as well. Specifically, the main Jackpot CARD, followed by the smaller GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE jackpots that can fall at any time of the day.

In addition, each Card, Gold, Silver or Bronze Jackpot winner will also receive a Bingo ticket as a reward for hitting the Jackpot.

Tempting rewards, never-ending fun. This is your Card Casino Bratislava.