The second part of the Elite Series, Monsterstack, and retro Freeroll as well. Poker Week at Card!

The second part of the Elite Series, Monsterstack, and retro Freeroll as well. Poker Week at Card!


The next week, in the biggest slovak casino, will also be marked by one-day tournaments, which offer the possibility of a variety of choices for the players. What can they look forward to?

On Monday at 18:00 we will go back in time when Freerolls were playing on the poker scene in Bratislava. Who wants to come to try their luck and win good money for free, raise your hand. There is a students-freeroll. Every student with an ISIC card can sit at the table and enjoy the fun just like that. The freeroll has a fixed guarantee of €500, it is played in the re-buy form for €10, the add-on is worth €10. After the end of the 6th level, the opportunity to purchase ends and the game is played until the winner is known.

On Tuesday, as usual, there will be a shuffle up and deal during the four-card omaha and the PLO night tournament. Buy-in is €50, the guarantee is a nice €4,000. Anyone who feels like at home in this version of poker, or who just wants to discover the magic of this poker version, is warmly welcome. The tournament starts at 19:00.

On Wednesdays, players start with a big stack, which is why the tournament is called Monsterstack - 50,000 chips are waiting for the players right from the start. The registration fee is set at €50 and the guarantee is a nice €5,000.

Thursday is Ladies Night. The casino will be full of ladies' charm, as women have the first buy-in to the tournament for free. The possible second "charge" of buy-in and the first for men has a value of €40, the guarantee is set at €3,000. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, tournaments start at 19:00.

As usual, the biggest tournaments are played during the weekend.

On Friday from 18:00 Big Stack Turbo starts with a luxurious stack of 100,000 chips, a buy-in of only €50 and a beautiful guarantee of €10,000.

The main tournament is on the program, just like the week before, on Saturday, February 11th from 16:00. The second part of the new series - The Elite Poker Series is waiting for the players. The buy-in is worth €120 and a great guarantee of €50,000! Levels will change after 30 minutes, players will receive a portion of 100,000 tokens at the beginning.

The exclusive Elite Poker Series will last until November 12th, 2023. Selected tournaments under the ELITE brand will be included in its order, while 3% of the given tournament amount will be taken into the prizepool of the series. Whoever will be at the top of the leaderboard at the beginning of November will receive a €1,100 ticket to WPT Prime Bratislava 2024.

However, the biggest highlight of the league will come at the final Freeroll, into which the winner will enter with the knowledge that he/she will play the WPT in Bratislava. However, he/she  will also have a chance to win a place at an exceptional World Series tournament in Las Vegas, specifically a €12,500 package at the WPT World Championship Las Vegas 2023!

On Sunday, February 12th, the ROYAL tournament will be started, which will be the dominant event in Card Casino Bratislava in mid-February. No wonder, it has a €250,000 guarantee! The qualifying Phase starts on Sunday from 19:00 with a buy-in of €40+€5. Whoever remains in the game in the last 20% , advances to the Main Event with the stack they currently have available.

You can find all the information about what is happening at the poker tables or other events in the casino at and on Card Casino Bratislava's social networks.