Win every day in November with Jackpot Night

Win every day in November with Jackpot Night


Slot players, beware. During the month of November, Card Casino Bratislava has prepared a literal cash harvest of winnings for you. As part of Jackpot Night, Slovakia's biggest casino will give away €33,333 to players!

Slot Jackpots are active every game day from the beginning of the month. The main Jackpot CARD, followed by the smaller GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE and HAPPY HOUR.

The CARD, GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE jackpots can be hit at any time, so they are active from morning to night. Happy hour falls randomly every day from 14:00 to 02:00 of the following game day.

The happy hour jackpot has levels of €50, €100 and €500. The one-time prize of €500 falls on Fridays and Saturdays only.

Thanks to a number of jackpots, players can look forward to the following rewards throughout the days: on Monday €850, Tuesday €850, Wednesday €850, Thursday €850, Friday €2,100, Saturday €2,100 and Sunday €1,250. So in total, for the month of October, it will give away €33,333 worth of prizes to players!

Winnings on the slots are random and are decided by a server with a random number generator. The only requirement is that you are currently playing your favourite slot.

For more information about the Jackpot Night slot harvest, as well as other casino promotions, please visit our website, the casino's social media channels, as well as the staff of the largest Slovak casino.