Lottery tickets, Golden Ticket, Wheel of Fortune and finally the Christmas Tombola. Happy and Rich in Card

Lottery tickets, Golden Ticket, Wheel of Fortune and finally the Christmas Tombola. Happy and Rich in Card

Live game

Advent and then Christmas. A time of joy, peace, good food and presents. Many of them will be waiting for you under the Christmas tree, but those who would like to get presents elsewhere should visit Card Casino Bratislava. Here, too, beautiful gifts will be given away.

During December, visitors can take part in a game that culminates in a big Christmas Tombola on 22 December. 

How to participate?

The key to success will be to actively play and collect the lottery tickets. 

SLOT players can get them on when they hit the jackpot during December.
Happy Hour Jackpot = gets 1 lot. 
Bronze Jackpot = 2 lots.
Silver Jackpot = 3 lots.  Whoever is lucky enough to hit the Gold or Card Jackpot gets 5 lots.

At the same time, the SLOT technician, cashiers and managers will keep track of who is actively playing and how. Even for active play, guests will be rewarded with lots as follows:

Slot ticket worth €1000 - €999 EUR - 1 lot

Slot ticket worth €2000 - €4999 - 3 lots

Slot ticket worth more than €5000 - 5 lots

Even LIVE GAME players can get them. In this case they will be "lucky losers". Whoever is unlucky will receive 1 to 5 lottery tickets on the next visit to the casino as follows:

Amount lost:
From €500 to €999      1 licket
From €1,000 to €1,999     2 tickets
From €2,000 to €4,999     3 tickets
From €5,000 more        5 tickets

Poker Players - Players who sit regularly in poker tournaments will also be able to get the Magic Lot. At each tournament in December, five players will be drawn during the first break to receive the winning ticket. The promotion also applies to all Grand Prix flighters. 


And what lies beneath the scraped layer of wiper blades? 


Scratchcards will be awarded in the following amounts - 

25€, 50€, 75€, 100€, 200€ 

A total of 260 prize draws are waiting for guests for a total of €14,000!

In this case, place your ticket in the lottery on the second floor and you are entered into the main raffle draw for €10,000 on 22 December 2023.

This consists of five parts, and whoever wants to get the €2,000 prize must get all five parts. These will be part of the lots. During the month of December, 5 Golden Tickets will be in circulation with a total value of €10,000. 



When you scratch off a lottery ticket that says "wheel of fortune" DON'T THROW IT! If you collect 5 of these you will be given the opportunity to spin yours. 

This will consist of 36 boxes with the following prices:

  • -    Promotickets in values of 10€, 15€, 20€, 50€, 100€ and 500€
  • -    TRY AGAIN 
  • -    MERRY CHRISTMAS (no win) 
  • -    1 lottery ticket
  • -    3 lottery tickets


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